1. The best reason of all…. It tastes amazing!

2. Supporting family-owned restaurants helps the local community.

3. We’ve been your friends and neighbors since 1978.

4. It’s a great place for a family reunion – you even get free cake!

5. Those eggrolls though…

6. The crab cheese wontons melt in your mouth.

7. It never gets old because you can make it different every time.

8. You feel a part of our family once you walk in.

9. Lunch at Lee’s perks up your whole day.

10. The sweet and sour sauce!

11. The all-you-can-eat option guarantees you’ll leave satisfied.

12. Our cooks are BBQ ninjas. Watching your food being made is almost as fun as eating it!

13. When you eat like a warrior, you feel like a warrior.

14. Our service rocks! We pride ourselves on our friendly and attentive staff.

15. Many families make our BBQ part of their family traditions. So many memories are made here at Lee’s.

16. Because the feeling is mutual – we love you!

17. Our pocket bread is magical.

18. So is our egg drop soup.

19. The sauces are legendary, too.

20. Our restaurant is proof that homemade is the best.

21. We’re original. No one does Mongolian BBQ like we do.

22. Our take-out makes eating at your desk a culinary experience.

23. Restaurants like Lee’s add character to the Ogden community.

24. It’s a destination for vegetarians and carnivores alike!

25. Your BBQ is hot and fresh every time.

26. After 40 years, we must be doing something right. Don’t you think?

27. Saturday brunch makes any weekend a great one.

28. The garlic! Pile it on – it’s good for you.

29. We’re the best comfort food for the days you need it.

30. Our dessert bites are a delicious way to try something new.

31. We offer green tea that’s full of healthy antioxidants.

32. We also offer coffee if you need more caffeine in your life.

33. Sure, we’re a hole in the wall, but it’s all part of the charm.

34. Free cake on your birthday!

35. Free cake anytime really…you just need to let us know in advance.

36. We have customers who have been dining with us since we first opened.

37. Great selection of veggies, meats and sauces to make your BBQ the way you love it.

38. Supporting us creates local jobs for the good people of O-town.

39. We couldn’t ask for better customers! Thank you!

40. We’ve been going strong for 40 years, and we’re ready for 40 more!


Text "40years" to 55000 and get a voucher for a FREE LUNCH!
Offer valid 08/01/2017 – 08/31/2017.


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Site created and maintained by Your Way Marketing | Ogden, Utah