3 Reasons Lee’s BBQ should be your Go-to Comfort Food this Fall

A nice big bowl of BBQ doesn’t just warm up your body, it warms up your heart. Notice three reasons you should grab that favorite sweater and head off to Lee’s this fall.

1. It can remind you of a simpler time.


With 40 years under its belt, no doubt most Ogden natives have gone to Lee’s as a child, filling up that bowl until it’s bigger than their heads and watching with wide eyes as a hearty meal is prepared in front of them on that big grill. The best part is that recipe has largely stayed the same since 1978, and as you take a bite, you will be transported back to when the words ‘debt’ and ‘bills’ didn’t even come up into your vocabulary. All you had to worry about was making a list for Santa.

2. It will help you stave off cold-weather colds.


No one likes being sick, and yet with the changing seasons it can sometimes be hard to avoid. Comfort food doesn’t have to be bad for you; it can be healing in more ways than one. Take, for example, Mongolian BBQ. By piling on the mushrooms and garlic in your bowl, you’re helping your body build its immune system and fight infections. You could also pair your BBQ with a cup of green tea, which is full of polyphenols, healthy antioxidants believed to prevent cancer and other serious illnesses.

3. It’s an Ogden tradition.


Autumn is a time for traditions: baking that famous pie as a family or playing football after the Thanksgiving meal. Lee’s Mongolian is part of many Ogden families’ traditions because of its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. That and the fact that everyone can make their meal exactly how they want, so everyone leaves happy and with a full belly. So many memories are made at Lee’s. Why not make it a destination for your family this fall?


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Site created and maintained by Your Way Marketing | Ogden, Utah