People have been drinking green tea for more than five thousand years.  Only recently, however, have the health benefits of this ubiquitous beverage been confirmed through rigorous scientific studies.  Now that the evidence is in, many people have decided to switch their morning beverage from coffee to green tea.  If you've been considering making the switch, read on for four great reasons to update your daily routine.


1. It's a healthier dose of caffeine


You love the boost of energy you get from your morning coffee, but is it really good for your health?  Too much caffeine can make you feel anxious and nauseous, and can even cause scary heart palpitations.  Green tea contains caffeine too, but in a much lower dose.  Drinking green tea in the morning can put a spring in your step without any negative side effects.


2. You can skip the milk and sugar


Did you know that a medium vanilla latte from a major national coffee company contains six grams of fat and thirty-five grams of sugar?  If you're someone who likes their coffee milky and sweet, you could be taking in hundreds of extra calories just from your hot beverages.  Plain green tea contains no calories, no fat and no sugar, so it's a much better choice for people watching their waistlines.


3. It's full of healthy antioxidants


Green tea is full of polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants believed to help prevent cancer and other serious illnesses.   It's true that coffee also has antioxidants, but the average person can't safely drink enough coffee each day to get the full antioxidant benefits.  Green tea's lower caffeine content means it can be sipped all day for a non-stop supply of antioxidants.


4. You'll look and feel better after your morning workout


New research shows that green tea can help the body's blood cells return to normal more quickly after an intense workout.  If you like to hit the treadmill in the morning, drinking green tea instead of coffee before or after the workout will keep you hydrated and help you feel better, sooner.  Similarly, green tea is a proven metabolism booster that will keep your body burning calories long after your workout is over.


Whether you decide to throw a green tea bag in your travel mug as you head out the door or grab a cup with your Mongolian BBQ, it's time to take a break from coffee and make the switch to green tea.



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